Apartment Therapy’s Step-by-Step for a Spring Deep Clean

Apartment Therapy’s Step-by-Step for a Spring Deep Clean

Whether you want a sparkly house to celebrate the arrival of spring or you’re getting your home ready for sale, look to Apartment Therapy.

Its free Spring Cleaning Cure (https://bit.ly/3qCkCQa) is designed to help you tackle your deep cleaning to-do list one project at a time over 20 days.

Starting on March 15, you’ll get a daily cleaning assignment emailed to you after signing up.

Apartment Therapy is expert at breaking down big, intimidating projects into small daily tasks that add up to a big payoff in the end.  

You may have done its January 30-day challenge—the purging and organizing challenge that kicked off at the start of 2021.

If not, you can still do it (https://bit.ly/3k1cw0G) on your own. It starts with tidying a single drawer and moves you through the more complex jobs as the month goes on.

As the January Cure’s editor says, it’s about decluttering and organizing your home, but it’s also about seeing your home from a new perspective and filling it with things that make you smile and loving your home.

And if you are moving on, all the little cleaning and organizing jobs you do now will ready your house for sale and maybe help prospective buyers envision themselves in their future home.  

Contact a REALTOR® with the SRES® Designation for more information about preparing for the spring buying season.