How to Keep Elderly Family Members Feeling Safe and Loved Amidst COVID-19

How to Keep Elderly Family Members Feeling Safe and Loved Amidst COVID-19

We are living during an uncertain time. What can we do to ensure our elderly relatives are healthy and feeling loved?

First and foremost, all relatives need a wellness check regardless of age or underlying health conditions. Consistent contact can ensure they are being diligent about remaining healthy. Living alone in a senior care facility or being home alone can take a toll on someone’s mental state. Calling to check in on your relative and finding ways to boost their morale is crucial. There are several ways to guarantee that your loved one can still feel connected throughout this pandemic. Video calls are a wonderful way to showcase the shenanigans at your house and make everyone feel included. A video call could brighten their day. If you don’t have a device with a video feature, a simple phone call can yield the same result. 

Another option is to stop by and keep a window/barrier between you and your relatives. Many people are also participating in drive-by parades and keeping socially distant while still catching an in-person glimpse of their loved ones. If that seems too close, drop off a note or some flowers. Try to be creative and think outside the box. Homemade cards, projects, and pictures prove to be some of the most significant gifts.

Make sure your relative knows how to social distance in their home environment is very important.

Reaching out to the community manager to establish a “buddy” to watch over your family member in the case that they get sick can also be a great idea. The buddy can also confirm they are following the safety guidelines from the CDC and the senior care facility. This system can also work for elders living in their own homes.  The Centers for Disease Control ( has outlined how retirement and senior care communities can protect their residents.

This can be a trying time regardless of your location. Remember, if you feel alone sometimes, imagine your loved ones who have no immediate family around them. Social distancing has changed the rules for all people.

This is the perfect opportunity to connect with loved ones. The craziness of our everyday life was letting the important things slip away. This may be our chance to create deeper relationships than ever before. Although this can be a scary time, it is also a great time to really show our loved ones we treasure them in creative ways. No hugs..for now.