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Make Your Kitchen Age-friendly

Make Your Kitchen Age-friendly

The effects of aging start slowly, and often it’s all the bending and lifting in the kitchen when you start feeling some physical limitations.

If you’re exploring aging-in-place kitchen solutions – modifying an existing kitchen or deciding what to incorporate in a renovation – Lowe’s Livable Home (, a collaboration between AARP and Lowe’s, gives you a good place to start.

Though the site focuses heavily on products, those products can make life easier. They include:

  • Pull-down cabinet inserts to make reaching items in upper cabinets easier.
  • Pull-out cabinet on lower cabinets to make pots, pans, and baking dishes more accessible.
  • Slide-out cabinet organizers
  • Microwaves placed on the counter or in a lower-level cabinet
  • Built-ins like pull-out cutting boards
  • Pull-down, touchless faucets

Another source,, covers the elements that make for a safe, accessible kitchen, including:

  • Motorized adjustable sinks that can be raised and lowered to accommodate each user
  • Appliances with universal design principles
  • Cooktops with indicators, showing when burners are on or still hot
  • Task, track, or under-cabinet lighting to brighten work surfaces