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A Strategic Downsize: 9 Questions

A Strategic Downsize: 9 Questions

Maybe you’ve started thinking that now would be a good time to downsize to capitalize on this fast-moving, post-pandemic market.

Realtor.com offers nine questions to ask yourself to better identify what you want next and the implications of a move.

Financial considerations, for example, include looking at taxes, insurance, and renovations to the new home, and factoring in HOA fees, if you’re opting for a condo or townhouse community.

Also, tally all the costs – including real estate transfer taxes, real estate commissions, and so forth – of selling your current home.  

Where to move is another serious consideration, especially if you’re thinking about a significant lifestyle change – moving to a new city or state. Will the location be a good fit? If you’re not sure, you may want to consider renting in the area first.

Whittling down your stuff is challenging for anyone who’s moving. One takeaway: Think about what you want to keep instead of thinking about what to get rid of.

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An SRES® Designee can help you with your downsizing adventure – working with you to determine the best housing type for your needs, researching locations, and referring you to experts who can manage your move. Find a local SRES® Designee here.