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Will More Seniors Choose Accessory Dwelling Units?

Will More Seniors Choose Accessory Dwelling Units?

Affordable housing is a challenge facing people of all ages but is acutely painful to seniors on limited incomes in high-cost markets. Even in cases where seniors can afford a home of their own, they may prefer aging in place in smaller quarters closer to family members. A space that includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and living area may be more than enough to meet many seniors’ needs. And if the unit is located on a son or daughter’s property, family members can work together to support each other’s needs. For example, grandma can babysit the grandkids while her daughter grabs

Home Upgrades Provide Comfort Today, Selling Edge Tomorrow

Home Upgrades Provide Comfort Today, Selling Edge Tomorrow

Stay-at-home orders during the pandemic have given people a chance to take a close look at their homes. Some are seeing flaws. Lots of them. For clients who have decided that they want to make their homes more functional and aesthetically pleasing, give them some insight on remodeling trends by sharing Fixr’s “2020 Single-Family Home Construction and Remodeling Trends” https://bit.ly/2LIyeq6. Fixr surveyed construction industry professionals, including architects, builders, and sustainability professionals, to get their take on the top single-family home trends. Here are some highlights. Aging

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How to Tackle the Stubborn Stink of Cigarette Smoke

If you’re interested in selling your home—or your parents’ home—you probably already know that it’s essential to do everything you can to make the house appealing to buyers. Decluttering, cleaning, and staging are all excellent ways to help a house shine and receive top dollar. If, however, you’re planning to sell a home that has been occupied by smokers, you face a unique set of challenges. A Canadian study of real estate professionals found that cigarette smoke odors can reduce a home’s resale value by up to 29 percent. Further, more than a quarter of buyers won’t even consider buying a home

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Who Are Today’s Homebuyers and What Do They Want?

Has it been a decade or two since you moved into your current home? Are you now planning to sell it? If yes, it’s a good idea to learn about today’s buyers, what they want, and the steps you can take to help sell your home for the best possible price. For example, if your interior walls showcase paint colors that were trendy decades ago, a substantial number of buyers no longer share your taste. “Let them repaint the walls,” you say. “That’s what I did!” Yes, paint is indeed a relatively easy cosmetic update. However, you’re also assuming that buyers will take time to use their imagination

Aging In Place

Aging in Place: The Right Choice for Your Client?

While there’s plenty of snowbirds that choose a warmer climate to move to, there’s also a growing number of seniors that are choosing to stay in their own homes, or a smaller home close by, as they age.