Three Ways to Benefit from Low Interest Rates

Three Ways to Benefit from Low Interest Rates

Even if you’re not in the market for a new primary home, you can still cash in on the historically low interest rates we’re experiencing.

Start with an online calculator (here’s one: to see whether it makes sense to refinance or take money out of your home.

Here are three possible uses for your home equity.

  1. Buy a vacation or investment property. If you’ve been longing to be a snowbird or become a landlord, find the down payment for a purchase.
  2. Make your home age-friendly. Invest in some of the higher-ticket aging-in-place home upgrades – installing ramps or a stairlift, for example – to make spaces more accessible for your future.
  3. Find greater energy efficiency. Do some energy efficiency upgrades to make your home more comfortable and less costly to operate. Projects could include new insulation, windows, or a high-efficiency water heater. Learn more at