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Making Room for New Memories When Transitioning to a New Home

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As a family, you have decided that it makes sense to all live under one roof. The benefits of cohabitation are endless. Time to bond and create great memories that all family members will cherish forever could be the motivation. Also, everyday activities with your rambunctious grandchildren at your side make life much more enjoyable.  This is an example of multigenerational housing and is a great option that allows various generations of family members to live under one roof.  Not only will this type of housing help families financially, but it is also comforting for people to have their aging relatives living in the same household. Whether you are moving in with family or you have all decided to upsize to a larger property, a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® can help you with helpful suggestions for your needs.

It is both exciting and overwhelming to start planning for your future housing with your new roommates. The first and probably most difficult task is dealing with the idea of leaving a home that contains so many cherished milestones. This home may be the place where you watched your children take their first steps, play outside, and maybe even attend high school dances. While you may envision these moments in your old residence, they will always remain in your heart. It is not the house that mattered; it was the people that made it home.

You've decided on your new adventure. The next step is to choose what to bring and what to donate. A great way to sort through timeless memories and treasures is to divide up items into groups to discard, keep, or give to your family members. It may be hard to part with some of your things, but there are great places that can benefit from your contributions. Places like women shelters, low-income organizations, and possibly even extended relatives will gladly take your used items. Organizations like Goodwill, Amvets, and the Salvation Army rely on donations to keep their non-profits afloat. The proceeds from your old treasures can help people in need. Just think, your decluttering can help out someone less fortunate. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Someone else can create beautiful memories with your old keepsakes.

Also, you must remember to save some belongings to keep the past alive in your new home. Who doesn't remember sharing stories with a grandparent? Now is your time to create those lasting impressions. Living with many generations in one household can be a joyous new phase that will create new family stories and might even bring back old traditions.

Sometimes this can be a daunting task. How will you discard all of your essential items like household appliances and tools? You might not have to; talk to your family and see what appliances they can use and what you may want to keep in your personal space. It is important that all people involved feel comfortable. It may not make sense to keep two coffee pots. However, if you're the type to wake up early and read, you may want to keep that appliance. Something as little as having your own personal coffee maker may make sense to keep everyone happy.

Whether you are moving in with older children/family or moving to a different living situation, make sure to work with a REALTOR® who is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist®. If sorting through these priceless memories prove to be overwhelming, contact your SRES® Designated REALTOR® to help you through this phase. After all, they have gone through this experience with many clients before and can offer some great tips. They are educated to understand your needs and are happy to offer insightful advice as you move on to a new and exciting chapter in your life.