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Half of Canadians Lack a Will: Why Estate Planning Is Vital

Recent research from the Angus Reid Institute shows that half of Canadians don’t have a will. Even among those aged 55 to 64, only 49% of Canadians say they have an up-to-date will. Writing a will is easy to put off. After all, thinking about death is uncomfortable, and some believe mortality is far off. Others may feel they don’t have enough assets to make a will necessary. Given the unpredictability of life, it’s a crucial document for all adults. A will allows you to protect and support loved ones, ensures that minor children are cared for by guardians that you pick and that your assets are

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Surprise Pick: Iowa Snags Top Spot on Bankrate's Best Places to Retire

In ranking U.S. states’ retirement friendliness, Bankrate looked at an array of factors—affordability, overall well-being, the cost and quality of healthcare, weather, and crime.

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9 Ways to Protect Accounts, Privacy After Your Computer Gets Hijacked

Realizing that you gave remote access to your computer to a scammer can be upsetting and embarrassing.

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Canadian Wildfires that Choked New York City a Wake-Up Call. Prepare for Future Wildfires, Protect Your Health

The Canadian wildfires that blanketed New York City in smoke last month serve as a reminder that even if you live outside wildfire-prone areas, air quality and your health can be affected. Here are nine tips to protect yourself during future wildfires and improve indoor air quality. 1. Air quality report card. Get a sense of the overall health of the air by reading "State of the Air," the American Lung Association's annual national air quality ( "report card." It grades cities and counties based on their scores for ozone, year-round particle pollution, and

Facilitate Life Planning with 3 Vital Steps

Spotting Cognitive Decline: Red Flags that Parents Need Help with Money Management

Problems managing money—missed mortgage or tax payments, unpaid and unopened bills, for instance—are often early indications of cognitive decline you may notice in a loved one. It also may signal that your parents or loved one needs help managing their finances. Other behaviors to watch for, according to the National Institute on Aging, include: Lots of new purchases on a credit card Unusual new merchandise Money is missing from the person’s bank account Also, watch for signs that your loved one has been scammed or financially abused. They may include: Signatures on checks or papers that don’t

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4 Ways to Empower Adult Children's Financial Independence

A recent Bankrate survey showed that 68% of parents are helping to support an adult child. Those parents often sacrifice their long-term financial stability to help their kids. Here are four tips from Bank of America to help your kids reach financial independence. Show your kids how to develop and stick to a budget. Explain that they shouldn't take on new debt but focus on paying down existing debt. Discuss which expenses they can trim or eliminate to put the money toward their debt. Discuss career goals and income plans and encourage them to take a part-time job or internship to help them

Five Ways to Make Your Computer a Tough Target for Cybercriminals

Create Tough Passwords to Protect Accounts, Private Information

A strong password is an excellent first step in keeping your personal information, email, and financial accounts safe.

Top Investment Mistakes to Avoid

Top Investment Mistakes to Avoid

If inflation and a chilly stock market are making you nervous about the viability of your long-term financial plan, you're not alone. Even millionaires say they're feeling pinched, and some no longer feel confident that they're prepared for retirement, according to "The Million Dollar Question," a global survey by Natixis Investment Managers. Some millionaires, 35% of survey respondents, said they'd need a miracle to secure retirement. In the report, investment advisors outline the top five mistakes investors make in their retirement plans. Here are three to avoid: 1. Inflation – Don't

Making Multigenerational Living Work for Your Family

Making Multigenerational Living Work for Your Family

If you’re considering tapping Canada’s Multigenerational Home Renovation Tax Credit to create a multigenerational household, think beyond the physical space. Discussing everyone’s needs and expectations in advance can make the living arrangement more fulfilling for each family member. Generations United, which conducted the study Family Matters: Multigenerational Living Is on the Rise and Here to Stay, offers ten tips on making such living arrangements successful. They include: 1. Build relationships through shared activities across the generations, including learning together, cooking, and

Kitchen Design: What’s Out?

Kitchen Design: What’s Out?

Who doesn’t like those what’s in and what’s out lists? They’re especially helpful when you’re making home renovation decisions or tweaking your design in anticipation of selling your home. Forbes talked with home industry experts, including interior designers, a real estate broker, and an HGTV personality, to identify 12 kitchen design trends on the way out for 2023. Here are five. 1. Open kitchens 2. All-white kitchens 3. The farmhouse style 4. Faux finishes 5. Matte black hardware Read more about commentators’ thoughts on kitchen design elements at. If you’re not a Forbes subscriber, the